LocalsGuide – November 2006 – Directors Cut

This was the first ‘Official’ issue of LocalsGuide which I published in November of 2006. I had just walked away from my gig with Passport2 and was up the creek without a paddle. (not good and not fun – never do anything without a signed agreement). I don’t point any fingers of blame in this equation, but will make sure not to make the same mistake again. Unfortunately cash is king and in this situation I was not king…. I was the stable boy and it sucked. I had a three year old child, family to take care of and suddenly no job. I would now either need a new job or would need to launch a new venture using the diminishing momentum and cash which remained.

I choose to use the momentum and keep building forward with my hyperlocal media model. It had taken me literally three years to complete my entire model of Passport2. I worked constantly to bring birth to the model which was in my head. This meant logging some insane hours. On average I was working six days a week at about 12 hours a day. All throughout the time of building this model I felt like I was in a cloud. I kept moving and mapping as much as I could, trying to keep up with the complexity of the project, but it was like a tangled ball of yarn. I would build one module only to find four more. Finally three years later on a very late evening I finished the build.

I could not believe it. I was actually done. It felt like a finish, all to do lists done and checked off, no more voices in my head. It came as a surprise, but it was true. I was actually done.

You will be able to read more about my account of building Passport2 – CLICK HERE
But until then I am going to jump ahead to a bit of the pre-history to LocalsGuide.

What Came Before LocalsGuide?


((( Shields¬† –¬† Insert More Details: After Leaving Passport2 – Had Idea to use a Social Engine to generate media… This came to this out of necessity…. no team, no money.. needed help.. got creative. )))

Also worked from techniques on creating content and citizen journalism learned from Ice Cream Man – HERE


Making the Decision to Move Forward

I had an emergency meeting with all of my advertising supporters. This was a memorable experience as literally every advertiser said an immediate ‘YES’ we will join you. You have demonstrated your capacity to fulfill your promise was the over arching message and a good message to receive. I specifically remember going to Rhonda Lewis who has been an amazing supporter of my work and saying. “It might not work”, her only reply was “We will dig out of that hole if we get there.” It was a huge show of support with her and DeAnna immediately buying four pages per month at $1500. Getting the support from my friend Dan Marut DMD was the next green light.

I laid out the plans… and then went to work.

A few days later at about 3 in the afternoon I rang up Matthew Gamlen.

I needed a cover shot and knew just where, and who we would take it of. In all he took about 7 shots with this really capturing the essence of Earth Star, Ashland Oregon and a great new start.

Fifteen days later I rolled out the first printed issue starting right at 24 pages, 15,000 copies via direct mail to all of Ashland. When the paper first launched I used the subtitle. Your Town Was Never So Interesting. This title was inspired by the work of Paul Richards.

((More Details to Come ))


Creation of the Company LocalsGuide – Click Here