Shields Bialasik

Shields is a rare combination of two strengths. Shields is a remarkably gifted perceiver / processor who can create elaborate models and maps and constantly update / improve them. Coupled with this is the fact that he actively moves, making extraordinary good use of his maps and models, in a way that makes him interesting, surprising, formidable, and delightful. – Paul Richards

A Life Long Artist, Writer and Entrepreneur

At 10-years old while living in Frankfurt, Germany; I endeavored into my first entrepreneurial venture. I struck a deal with the neighborhood beer truck delivery driver. I would guard his truck while he made deliveries. I then began trading marbles, action figures, mowing lawns, newspaper delivery, and more. I was always the first kid up in the morning banging on your door to come out to play.

Life is Art

I always wanted to be an artist as a child but it wasn’t until I was older that I realized that life is art and art is everything.  Every choice we make is a note struck on a piano, a paint swath on a canvas. One’s life becomes art, a continuous motion of creative choices. These choices illustrate and bring to life the characters we are and the roles we play.

Prosperity & Building Community

I’ve always been interested in meeting with and connecting to people who not only had great ideas but are able to actualize their dreams for the benefit of others. This is prosperity. We are all rich with ideas and I am passionate about creative out of the box solutions that build community and grow great people. I am inspired to create long term sustainability and prosperity for local communities around the world.

Money & Creativity

Many people might think they can live their dreams once they have achieved a certain amount of wealth or free time. This is not true because even people with lots of money and plenty of time are not always living their dreams. You see money is only as good as the creativity behind it… so for for god sake … DO SOMETHING AWESOME with what you have and do it now! Don’t wait!  Spend what you can to get as close as you can to your dreams and work fearlessly to bring the new and the bold to life. Magic will happen.


My world view is that of Global Citizen. It’s time for us to stop perpetuating negative stories that control, manipulate and stifle the human potential. It is time to deconstruct identities that blind humanity from the real connections that we share. As an entrepreneur I am continually driven to build the type of world that I want to live in.

A little bit more about me

Currently I reside between Virginia & Costa Rica.

In my free time, I enjoy riding my electric bike, traveling and exploring . I love hiking in the forest, doing art and spending time with my wonderful partner Carla. Most of all I love creating and bringing to life one step at a time all the dreams and visions I have had in my life.

It was not always easy. It is not always successful, but it was real.

Life is Art
Shields Bialasik