Wow, I can’t even remember when all of this started. I can say that Dicken and I had the idea quite some time ago to create FMTown. It would be based off of the models that I created in NewDocs™ and the experience that Dicken had acquired throughout his years of online marketing.

NewDocs™ severely lacked a monetization model, but had the community model in high gear with more than 8000 members. You can just do the math if these members were pain just $10 a month for premium membership.

I had already begun the FMTown project while simultaneously being an owner and money NewDocs™. At a certain point in the equation I was thoroughly convinced that merging companies was the best thing the do. This however did not happen and I’ll leave this gap in the story to be filled in at a later date.

((Shields Update In Years To Come))

So Dicken and I embarked on building a new community, one that would have a monetization model while implementing the social networking and community models which I had worked to develop in NewDocs™.

I’m going to leave a bookmark here because this project is still actively in process. I will say that the launch of FMTown was an immediate success. That we hit our milestones and accomplish our original mission. It wasn’t easy . I worked with our programmer Mehdi for hours on end developing the new model for our community and Dicken and I worked around the clock pulling off the entire launch.

I like to say that we had to eat a few of the dogs along the way, but that we crossed the pole on this project!

Another detail to mention is that as soon as we launched FMTown we immediately came under legal attack. An individual¬† who I call the “Entity” began filing and harassing us, withholding payments owed to us and then directly stealing from us.

I was required to sign an agreement of non-disparagement in our final legal terms, so I won’t mention the asshole by name and this is all I will say… but it was part of the early history of FMTown to be noted.

(((More of an updated history in a year or So)))