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This will be a very brief back story which deserves more details to come in the future. Essentially a project / business venture I embarked into which took more than three years of my time. I spent countless hours developing, marketing and planning this hyperlocal directory for Ashland, Oregon. The project was sponsored by the […]

Cat and Monk

This is one of my favorite silhouette compositions created for the “Global Pop” series. A series of 21 silhouettes which I designed in 2002. The silhouette of the figure was pulled from a photograph in which a group of Budhist monks are walking in the rain. The image of the cat is pulled from a […]

Obey Giant Journals

My history with Obey Giant dates back to around 1994 when my friend Buster came back from a college break and gave me a little glow in the dark sticker. “Andre The Giant – Has a Posse” “You can do this Shields,” he said to me. I wasn’t sure what he meant at the time, […]

What Do You Think Wiley’s Hair Really Look Like?

This project has a funny story. At the time I was actually making noodles as the pasta maker at Wiley’s World in Ashland, Oregon. My dad had come to visit me and we were hanging out in the restaurant and making some jokes. Terry Wiley, the original founder and my boss at Wiley’s world; was […]