Final Production Script:

Friar Tuck – The Leaf Monster

© Shields Bialasik 2011 – Final Edited Version

It was a beautiful autumn afternoon, the type of afternoon when the breeze blows ever so gently, and the sun glistens through the trees. Friar Tuck and Ralph were in the back yard… c o u n t i n g.

“Ten Thousand Thirty Six… Ten Thousand Thirty Seven… Ten Thousand Thirty Eight… Ten Thousand Thirty Nine… Ten………. TEN T H O U S A N D… and… F   O    R   T   Y !!”

(SFX – Sigh of Relief)

Are you sure?” said Friar Tuck, “because if we want to make the world’s largest leaf pile, we will need to have at least ten thousand and forty leaves.

“Absolutely certain,” replied Ralph, “I’ve already counted them three times!
Great,” said Friar Tuck, “let’s get to work then!

Friar Tuck and Ralph quickly ran across the yard to the back garden shed. This is where they kept the rakes which would be used for creating the giant leaf pile.

It was official, with Ten Thousand and Forty leaves they would surely set a world record!

Inside the shed the rakes were stacked neatly against the wall. Friar Tuck quickly reached in pulling out the long handled yellow rake while Ralph choose the short handled green rake. With out a moment to spare Friar Tuck jumped onto his rake and pretended to ride it across the lawn like a magic broom stick.

I’ll take the front yard…..Ralph, you work from the back yard….and we’ll meet in the middle!

The middle of the yard was the exact spot where Friar Tuck and Ralph had attempted to build the world’s largest leaf pile LAST YEAR… and they might have done it too had it not been for a sudden gust of wind.

The wind had upset the entire pile, sending leaves flying over fences, roof tops, and trampolines.
It had been a terrible disappointment for both Friar Tuck and Ralph!

This time, however it would be different.

Friar Tuck and Ralph had paid close attention to the weather and it was a beautiful and calm day.
They knew for sure that with a count of exactly Ten Thousand and Forty leaves they could not fail.

Excitement filled the air and together they began to rake furiously.

Friar Tuck was doing the back hand, while Ralph worked with the forehand. These were special moves they had learned in tennis and it worked great for raking leaves.

You should try it some time!

The determination to claim the world record drove Friar Tuck and Ralph to Victory!

In all it took them about three hours to create the enormous pile. All Ten Thousand and Forty had been neatly collected in the middle of the yard.

This says a lot for a strong back hand and smooth forehand. Friar Tuck and Ralph had been practicing when they had free time, and their hard work had paid off.

It was quite an impressive sight!
It must have been as big as a school bus, and you know how big that is!

The best thing, however, was that there had been absolutely no wind.
Not one bit at all. In fact, the day had grown rather calm and still.

“Wow, we did it,” yelled Ralph, now jumping into the pile of leaves.
“Wooo hoooo,” yelled Friar Tuck, jumping in himself.

What an accomplishment it was indeed.

Friar Tuck was now feeling quite tired while Ralph on the other hand was wide awake and excited to do more!

“Hey, let’s rake some more leaves and make this pile even bigger!” he said.
“Nahhhhh,” replied Friar Tuck, now lying on his back.

I should mention that there still were many, many more leaves. Way more than Ten Thousand and Forty. Ralph had just decided to stop counting when he reached that number.

Ralph was eager to make the pile of leafs even bigger, so he jumped back to his feet and headed off to the front yard. He would work around the maple tree where a beautiful collection of red and orange leaves were waiting for him.

Friar Tuck on the other hand decided to do what all sleepy hamsters do; he would burrow deep into the leaf pile and take a nap. Very quickly he tunneled inside. It was warm, dark, and quiet, and within a minute he had fallen into a deep slumber.

(SFX zzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz Snoring )

Normally this would have been a great place to have taken a nap, but as Ralph continued to rake the leaves, Friar Tuck was buried deeper and deeper and deeper.

Ralph’s back hand was working better than his forehand and he was feeling quite impressed with how productive he had become. “If only Friar Tuck could see me now,” he said to himself.

The pile grew enormous, quickly approaching the size of two school busses.

In fact, Ralph had been working so hard, and raking so many leaves that Friar Tuck was now completely insulated, protected from all sound or noise. It was absolutely quiet and, just the way hamsters like it best!

“Friar Tuck,” Ralph yelled out, “come look how big the pile is now!”
But there was no reply.

“Hmmm,” thought Ralph,“maybe he went inside for a snack.”

After all, it was getting close to dinner.
Ralph was also starting to feel a bit hungry, but it was just at this moment that he saw his neighbor Andy walking down the street.

“Hey Andy, look… The WORLD’S LARGEST LEAF PILE!….Woo hooo!!”

Andy was certainly impressed, and it didn’t take long before he and Ralph decided that it would be great fun to jump into that giant leaf pile.

“On the count of three we’ll jump” Ralph said. “That way we will be flying through the air at the same time.
One… Two… Three!”

Ralph and Andy ran full speed, flew through the air, and landed exactly in the middle of the giant pile.
Had the pile been a bit smaller, they might have smooshed Friar Tuck, but he was deeply buried and felt only the slightest nudge when they landed on top of him.

It was enough of a nudge, however, to awaken Friar Tuck, who now had forgotten where he was.

Friar Tuck started to move, but the weight of Ralph and Andy on top of him was holding him down. He tried to move again, but still no luck… he was stuck!

It was then, with a burst of great energy, that he leaped out of the leaf pile, tossing Andy and Ralph high up into the air, and out onto the lawn.

“Ouch,” said Ralph, scratching his head.

“Aghhh….What happened?” said Andy, now looking at Ralph.

Ralph was standing silently, with his mouth wide open, pointing at the leaf pile.
His legs began to shake.

“L E A F   M O N S T E R…” he yelled at the top of his lungs… and it was true!

There was indeed a leaf monster standing right in the middle of the pile.
He was covered in yellow, orange and red leaves. Claws out stretched towards the sky the leaf monster opened his mouth widely and two long sharp teeth sparkled in the sunlight!

Andy took one look at the creature and then ran as fast as he could for the neighbors’ fence. He jumped over it and never looked back.

Ralph tried to escape, only as he was running backwards, he tripped over the soccer ball, and then tangled himself in the jump rope.

This had given Friar Tuck just enough time to jump out of the leaf pile and shake himself clean. Leaves of all colors flew in the air.  Friar Tuck then continued yawning and stretching his paws up towards the sky.

(SFX yawning….)
“Hey, what’s all the yelling about?” he said.

It was at this moment that Ralph realized what had happened.

“Awwweee… Nothin,” he replied.

The leaf monster had only been Friar Tuck, covered in leaves, yawing and stretching after his deep afternoon snooze.

“What a great nap! I want to do this every day.”

Ralph and Friar Tuck did make the world’s largest leaf pile Ever… and as for the LEAF MONSTER,
well let’s just say that neither Ralph nor Andy ever said another word about it.

Maybe you’ve seen it?

Final Script:

Friar_Tuck Leaf Monster – Edited- Keith