Back in 1993, I had dropped out of school. I was alone, depressed. My parents had gotten a divorce and I was living with my mom. My salvation… stickers. Buying a ream of 500 sheets of label stock paper, and having access to 3 cent photo copies… I cranked out hundreds and hundreds of stickers. Where those stickers ended up… well lets just say you could not walk around my town without seeing one or three of them. These little then stickers inspired a band of misfits to go on to all sorts of fun adventures.

A little story behind Fry His Ass. This was a derivative sticker of Andre The Giant Has a Posse. It was created before I actually met and worked with Shepard. The inspiration was to take an iconic figure. Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Friend Chicken and design a kinda viral sticker. I can´t say that it achieved great fame and glory but it gave alot of kids a good laugh in my town of Leesburg Virginia. Big thanks to my friend Bill who saved all these stickers and recently shared them with me.

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