LocalsGuide – Community Powered Media

In the between the time of walking away from Passport2 and launching LocalsGuide I did some serious planning and research. Passport2 was a drill down on everything local about Ashland, Oregon and it had been from an outsiders perspective,…

Ice Cream Man

Back in 2006 when I was still working with Passport2, we were publishing a monthly insert in the Sneak Preview. The insert had been created out of the extra sheet of paper coming off of Rhonda Lewis's monthly Real Estate Review. I had arranged…

LocalsGuide – November 2006 – Directors Cut

This was the first 'Official' issue of LocalsGuide which I published in November of 2006. I had just walked away from my gig with Passport2 and was up the creek without a paddle. (not good and not fun - never do anything without a signed agreement).…

DIY Pinball

Fun making toys with my son. DIY Pinball machine using recycled objects. A good project for any rainy day.

Chicken Coop

2006 Urban Chicken Coop