48 Points

48 Points of Extraordinary Touch

Morocco & Andalusia Tiles

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Public Art

Public art with my girls.

Wileys World

Additional Illustrations in the Wiley´s World Book Series.  

ANP Conference 2015

Logo & Website Design for the ANP Conference 2015. Architects of the New Paradigm. http://anpconference.com/

Friar Tuck – Water Ballon Fight

Final Edited Script - Never Produced Friar Tuck – Water BalloOn Fight © 2011 Shields Bialasik – EDITED FINAL VERSION Snake In the Shed It was the end of summer and Friar Tuck and Ralph were cleaning out their garden shed when they…

Friar Tuck – The Big Hole

Final Edited Script - Never Produced: Friar Tuck – The BIg Hole © 2011 Shields Bialasik – EDITED FINAL VERSION It was another warm summer day when Friar Tuck decided it was time to plant the carrots in his garden. He had chosen…

Friar Tuck – Rockets

Unedited Raw Script: Rockets © Shields Bialasik This is a story about a friend of mine. I don't know if you know him or not, but his name is Fryer Tuck. Fryer Tuck and Ralph have been thinking about flying for a long time, and after…